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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Raymond JettenIPv6Welcome, Etiquette, Approving Minutes2022-05-13
Thomas KingOpening PlenaryWelcome by the local host2022-05-14
Constanze BuergerPlenaryChallenges and Chances of IPv6 Deployment in Public Authorities in Germany2022-05-15
Mirjam KühneNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE 84 Newcomers' Introduction2022-05-15
Christian HarendtPlenaryAutomate RIPE DB handling with NetBox2022-05-15
Rene FichtmuellerOpening PlenaryGlobal NOG Alliance: Taskforce to Keep Ukraine Connected2022-05-15
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryMeeting Logistics2022-05-16
Carsten StrotmannPlenaryIP Fragmentation and Measures Against DNS Cache Poisoning2022-05-16
Stephan SchroederPlenaryThe Invisible Impact of Network Handovers within Content Delivery2022-05-16
Shane KerrWomen in Tech SessionRIPE Meeting Gender Statistics – 2022 Edition2022-05-16
Jelte JansenBoFProperties of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Internet: What Do We Want From Our Networking Protocols?2022-05-16
Matthias WichtlhuberAnti-AbuseE.1. DDoS First Aid2022-05-16
Emile AbenOpening PlenaryResiliency of the Internet in Ukraine2022-05-16
Massimo CandelaPlenaryA One-Year Review of RPKI Operations2022-05-16
Mirjam KühneOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 84!2022-05-16
Robert KistelekiMATRIPE NCC Tools Update2022-05-16
Doug MadoryPlenaryMeasuring RPKI ROA Creation with NetFlow2022-05-16
Remco van MookPlenaryFor Those About To Anycast2022-05-16
Matthias WichtlhuberPlenaryPeeking into Black Boxes: Automated Fuzzing of Router Resource Usage2022-05-16
Bart BakkerOpen SourceB. Open Sourcing RPKI Core2022-05-16
Sankalp BasavarajPlenaryThe Log4j Debacle and How to Protect Against Next Gen Security Threats2022-05-16
Justin IurmanIPv6Just Another Measurement of Extension Header Survivability (JAMES)2022-05-16
Maria MatejkaPlenaryBIRD 3, quo volas?2022-05-16
Brian TrammellMATRIPE 84 MAT Agenda2022-05-17
Tom StrickxPlenaryRFC3849 and RFC57372022-05-17
Tom StrickxPlenaryAnatomy of a Route Leak2022-05-17
Leslie DaigleMATData, Data Everywhere, And Now We Stop to Think2022-05-17
chris AdamsPlenaryTowards a Fossil Free Internet2022-05-17
Dmitry KohmanyukPlenaryDomain Defense in Depth2022-05-17
Florian HiblerConnect5. Transceiver 100G/400G and Beyond2022-05-17
Karla WhiteWomen in Tech SessionAgenda2022-05-17
Gerardo ViviersAnti-AbuseD.1. RIPE NCC Abuse Handling Training - Progress Update2022-05-17
Working Group ChairsOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2022-05-17
Mikhail PuzanovRouting4. RPKI Publish in Parent @ RIPE2022-05-17
Pavlos SermpezisPlenaryBias in Internet Measurement Infrastructure2022-05-17
Daniel NägeleMATFlow Monitoring in bwNet and BelWü2022-05-17
Sander SteffannPlenaryStairway to Anycast2022-05-17
Aaron GlennPlenaryPlay with P4 on Someone Else's Computer2022-05-17
Guillaume MazoyerOpen SourceAn introduction to Peering Manager2022-05-17
Donatas AbraitisOpen SourceFive Years of FRRouting2022-05-17
Angela Dall'AraAddress PolicyC. Policy Update followed by Q&A2022-05-17
Petr ŠpačekDNSCatalog Zones2022-05-17
Markus de BrünAnti-AbuseAgenda2022-05-17
Sander SteffannPlenaryAnycast Monitoring Screenshots2022-05-17
Matthias ScheerIPv6IPv6 addressing inside VPN tunnel between endpoints with rotating prefixes2022-05-17
Leo VegodaBoFCode of Conduct Team Recruitment BoF2022-05-17
Jan Žorž and Benno OvereinderBCOP Task ForceBCOP TF Administratrivia2022-05-17
Hisham IbrahimRIPE Community Plenary2. RIPE NCC Community Update2022-05-17
chris AdamsBCOP Task Force2. BCOP Document on IT Procurement and Sustainability2022-05-17
Pascal GloorConnect25Gig FTTH - One Year's Experience, Do's, Don't's and Other Pitfalls2022-05-17
Leandro LanzieriIoTSecure and Authorized Client-to-Client Communication for LwM2M2022-05-18
Leo VegodaAddress PolicyA. Introduction2022-05-18
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyFeedback from the RIPE NCC Registry Services2022-05-18
Constanze DietrichIoTIntroduction and Housekeeping2022-05-18
Geoff HustonPlenaryRevocation2022-05-18
Jeroen LauwersAddress PolicyG. Policy Proposal - Remove Policy for Mandatory IPv4 PA Assignment Registration in the RIPE Database2022-05-18
Gert DoeringAddress PolicyIPv6 Policy Musings2022-05-18
Sander SteffannAddress PolicyB. NRO NC Update2022-05-18
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesC. RIPE NCC Operations Update2022-05-18
Florian ObserDNSRIPE NCC Update2022-05-18
Wolfram FrieleMATAnomaly Alerting for RIPE Atlas2022-05-18
Tommy HagaIoTIoT encounters in Health Care Networks2022-05-18
Remco van MookConnectDeath of the Peering Coordinator2022-05-18
Will van GulikConnectOpening2022-05-18
Bijal SanghaniConnect4. Euro-IX Update2022-05-18
Christer WeinigelClosing PlenaryNTS in an FPGA2022-05-18
Michalis OikonomakosConnect6. Internet Neutrality Project (Lightning Talk)2022-05-18
Alexander ZubkovRouting6. Automatic Updating of Prefix Lists2022-05-18
Hans Petter HolenRIPE NCC ServicesB. RIPE NCC Update2022-05-18
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters2022-05-18
Athina FragkouliRIPE NCC ServicesD. The RIPE NCC and Sanctions2022-05-18
Wilhelm BoeddinghausIPv6IPv6 and the Windows 10 Firewall2022-05-18
Kaveh RanjbarRIPE NCC ServicesE. RIPE NCC Technology Update2022-05-18
Moritz MüllerDNSWelcome and Agenda Bashing2022-05-18
Den IsDatabaseD. Personal Data in the RIPE Database2022-05-18
Den IsDatabaseB. NWI Update2022-05-18
Sara DickinsonDNSDNS over QUIC2022-05-18
Ed ShryaneDatabaseC. Operational Update2022-05-18
Tim BruijnzeelsRouting7. Lightning Talks2022-05-18
Ignas BagdonasRouting1. Administrativia2022-05-19
Ignas BagdonasRouting3. A Look at BGPsec Performance2022-05-19
Ben Cartwright-CoxRouting2. bgp.tools2022-05-19
Jeroen LeendertzAnti-AbuseE.2. Pro-active Blocking Reduces “Unwanted Traffic" to a Bare Minimum > 99%2022-05-19
João Luis Silva DamasDNSThe resolvers we use2022-05-19
Paolo VolpatoIPv6IPv6 Deployment Status: Update and Remaining Challenges2022-05-19
Job SnijdersRouting5. Debugging RPKI2022-05-19
Adiel AkploganDNSKINDNS2022-05-19
Mirjam KühneRIPE Community Plenary1. RIPE Chair Team Update2022-05-19
Fredy KünzlerCooperation#GAFAM to pay for FTTH?2022-05-19
Jaromír TalířPlenaryUsing eIDAS to verify identity of ccTLD's registrants2022-05-19
Maria StafylaDatabaseA. NWI Legal Review2022-05-19
Friode SørensenCooperationFair Share2022-05-19
Hans Petter HolenRIPE Community Plenary3. Update from the NRO2022-05-19
Sander SteffannRIPE Community Plenary5. Rob Blokzijl Award2022-05-19
Marcin NawrockiPlenaryThe Sad Reality of QUIC Handshakes2022-05-20
Mirjam KühneClosing PlenaryClosing2022-05-20
Sjoerd OostdijckClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Tech Report2022-05-20
Žarko KecicClosing PlenaryRIPE 85 Teaser2022-05-20