Birds of a Feather (BoF)

Monday, 16 May 18:00 - 19:00 (UTC+2)

Properties of Today’s and Tomorrow’s Internet: What Do We Want From Our Networking Protocols?
Jelte Jansen, SIDN / 2STiC

In this BoF session, we would like to discuss properties of the Internet, how these properties arise from Internet protocols, and how they are affected by new technologies.

There are two main avenues of discussion we envision:

  1. 'Top-down': What properties does the Internet have now, what properties do we want it to have in the future, and how do the choices of protocols allow (or prevent) such properties?
  2. 'Bottom-up': How do new technologies that are being researched or deployed, such as SCION and NDN, influence, allow, or prevent those high-level properties of the Internet?

We think that with such an approach, we can discuss the relative potential merits of specific protocols under research and in development right now, as well as get more ideas on the direction of future research and development efforts.


Tuesday, 17 May 18:00 - 19:00 (UTC+2)

Code of Conduct Team Recruitment BoF
Leo Vegoda, Code of Conduct TF

This BoF is aimed at people who are interested in joining a future Code of Conduct Team.

We plan to present three things:

  1. A summary of the discussion and decisions made based on it.
  2. The proposed recruitment process for the Code of Conduct Team, based on the RIPE NCC Arbiters process.
  3. The planned training for the team. We'll explain:
    • The options evaluated
    • The organisation we'd like to use, and
    • The time commitment.

People who might be interested in joining the Code of Conduct Team should leave the BoF with:

  • An understanding of how they could volunteer
  • How they would be trained, including the time they would need to commit, and
  • The skills they would develop.