Maria Matejka

I'm a software developer strongly focused on performance and efficient resource management. Almost whole my career is dedicated to specialized network daemons. Since 2015, I'm a developer of BIRD, the Internet Routing Daemon. I've almost completely rewritten its filter interpreter and now I'm massively refactoring lots of its internals to enable efficient multithreaded execution.

Aside software development, I'm also concerned about (children's) equal access to education, mostly regarding financial and social aspects. I've been also forced to know quite a lot about other Czech law (and some parts of European law). Say "GDPR", "social benefits" or "legal name change" in my presence only on your own risk.

I also love any means of public transportation and logistics, including studying their history (vehicles, disused railways and roads …) and knowing their regulations and tariffs. Sometimes, I play chess, mostly at Lichess:, and some day, I'll get my FIDE ELO, hopefully, if I get to play over-the-board games. I'm also able to force piano and organ to make quite enjoyable sounds; mostly it sounds like music.

Here is my personal website:

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