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Edward Shryane - 19-05-2022 09:02:01
Hi everyone, I'm Ed Shryane from the RIPE NCC.

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Kurt Kayser - 19-05-2022 09:08:59
I know his voice, sounds like the kahoot! host!!!

Taras Heichenko - 19-05-2022 09:35:45
You have nice melody on your ring. :)

Vladimír Čunát - 19-05-2022 09:36:05
:grinning: not his, I heard airbnb.

Graeme Bunton - 19-05-2022 09:41:08
That's correct, it's from the AirBNB i am staying at. Which is also why I don't want to answer!

Edward Shryane - 19-05-2022 10:14:32
This session has now ended. The next session is IPv6 and it will start at 11AM CEST. More info on the RIPE 84 meeting plan: