Berlin, Germany | 16-20 May 2022

Guide to Berlin

While you’re at RIPE 84, you can also explore exciting Berlin. We’ve compiled a handy guide for you.

City Guide

Here’s a useful guidebook to help you make the most of your time in Berlin outside of the meeting.

Berlin Tourist App

Are you looking for the best places and coolest events? Are you looking for cool restaurants, architecture, amazing artworks to visit, but also trendy shops and cafes within walking distance? Then check out this this useful list of Berlin’s websites and apps.

How to get around in Berlin

Berlin has a very good public transport. It’s the best way to get around. Make sure to buy a ticket every time and validate it, or you risk a 60€ fine. You can purchase a 24 hour or 7 days ticket, it’s much cheaper than buying a ticket every time.

What to see in Berlin

There are many lists of things to see in Berlin. See, WikiVoyage and Lonely Planet.

Main attractions

  • Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer)
    Parts of the Berlin Wall have been preserved. There is a preserved part of the wall and a free museum in Bernauer Straße. The East Side Gallery is another part of the wall that has been turned into a gallery.
  • Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom)
    The most famous church in Berlin. You can visit it, or relax on the grass in front of it. It’s on the museum island, close to many old museums.
  • Berliner Unterwelten
    Bunker, tunnel and air raid shelter tours. The tours are in German, English, French, Spanish and more.
  • Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)
    The iconic gate on Berlin’s East-West axis.
  • Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
    A museum dedicated to the history of technology, including a display on the earliest computers.
  • Mauerpark
    Every Sunday, this park hosts a big flea market and an open air karaoke. Many musicians also play music there.
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
    Next to the Brandenburg gate is a large holocaust memorial and museum. You can walk through the memorial.
  • Museum island (Museuminsel)
    Museum island is home to the Berliner Dom, and many of the biggest, oldest museums. If you like beautiful old buildings, it’s worth a visit.
  • Oberbaum Bridge (Oberbaumbrücke)
    A beautiful bridge that goes across the river Spree. It’s right next to the East Side Gallery. You can also go kayaking on the Spree and get a really good view on the bridge.
  • Reichstag building (Reichstagsgebäude)
    An iconic building. You can visit the cupola and the rooftop, and learn about the history of Berlin. It’s free, but you must make an appointment.
  • Tempelhof airfield (Tempelhofer Feld)
    This giant former airfield is where many Berliners go to relax, drink beer, skate, kite surf and cycle. It’s a great place to visit on a sunny day.
  • Teufelsberg
    Teufelsberg is an artificial hill. There is a cold war listening station at the top. It’s now an open air gallery with a really good view of Berlin. If you don’t want to pay to visit Teufelsberg, you can visit Drachenberg, the other hill next to it.
  • TV tower (Fernsehturm)
    The TV tower in Alexanderplatz is visible from almost anywhere in Berlin. You can take an elevator to the top of the tower, and get a panoramic view of Berlin.
  • Victory Column (Siegessäule)
    The Victory Column in Tiergarten sits on Berlin’s East-West axis. You can go up the tower and see Tiergarten, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag building from above.

Useful link: – Official website with really good information

Shopping in Berlin

In Germany, shops and supermarkets are closed on Sundays but most restaurants and tourist attractions remain open.

Always have cash with you. Many restaurants only accept cash. Cards are rarely accepted for small transactions.